pretty girl and the city

 sedikit berbagi, begitu berarti…

illustrasi (

a pretty girl with a blue scarf
sat quietly on a wooden chair
her smile absolutely honest
obviously she was read something
while she throw her gaze to the middle of the city

a blank stares with full of reflexion
like through her past
when first she was came to the city
occasionally she would smiled bitterly
reminded of  her dark past

the big city always give pleasure
at the same time it always give  misery
you can laugh when any of you cry
you can cry when others try to be tough
life’s in here like a paradox

a good can change into bad
otherwise a bad could also change even more delinquent
lack a sense of caring to others
never get involve with society
just be an individualistic and hit by selfish

a pretty girl with a blue scarf
get up from her sat on wooden chair
she stands on balcon at “the peak sudirman”
an apartment on 50th floors
she still looking her city at nite

its very awesome places
and a scarry places too
like i said, just like paradox

despite of everythings
which haunt her past
and shackle her big city

she never give-up
always smile
believe there’ll be a better future
for her self and also for big city

she was softly said..
“happy 485th to my jakarta”
“longevity my hope my city”

(inspired by: jakarta longevity of 485th)


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