why are you on…

sedikit berbagi, begitu berarti…

illustrasi (phombo.com)

why are you on facebook?
why are you on yahoo-messenger?

please, explain to me soldier!

you have violate our regulation, online during on work hours
using company-bandwidth for personal purposes
why you’re keep in silent!
have you been read the team manual book?
let me clear to you soldier, this is my company!

now, pack your bag and never get back again!
is that clear soldier!

(thats all my big friend ‘Liutenant Junior’ always said to us)

#memory of we’ve been together 
#refers to General Akbar, Liutenant Junior, Liutenant Yogi, Sergeant Seno and Corporal Reza

A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.
~John D. Rockefeller~


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