my otherside

sedikit berbagi, begitu berarti…


illustrasi (

don’t go away from me
i‘m very lost here
not enough to know to realize
just need you

step ahead to hatred
a further from happiness

i don’t want anything
i‘m drowning here
just give me your hand
to save me from chaos

chaos in my mind
blows  everything inside

no matter what i do
no changed at all

please…come back to me
don’t you remember that time
a time with full of hope and fun
a time without hurt anyone
a time with all neverending smiles

now, i really beg to you
as much as you care to me
please..please..come here
i don’t want to be controlled by darkside of me

shadow of fear with a bunch of sorrow
already get me..get me into circle of death
i fall again into the swamp of depressed
no room for me to breathe

my life is meaningless without you
to completely be a real of me
i really-really need otherside


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